Why I became a Development Instructor

I was living a normal life. A recent graduate with a job that gave stability and that made me fit into the roles in society. Unfortunately, this was not giving me the happiness that I was looking for. I wanted something I thought would be meaningful in the development of my life and career.

DSCN0486I chose to go out of my comfort zone and my daily routine; to start traveling to new places because I wanted to know more about life than what I had lived. I talked to my mother about the idea of going far away for some time. She was concerned this was an escape plan and that it was easy get lost in the time and space. She suggested that I use all my potential to help others and join some organizations that wanted volunteers which was a good way to travel and get a different perspective on life. After researching and thinking about how I could contribute to the main issues of my world, One World Center became the answer.

This program is designed to be a milestone in life; meeting people from around the world, learning, and teaching by experience and exposing yourself to new ideas and most of all helping the world become a better place. In my opinion, the choice of becoming a Development Instructor is based on the idea of helping out with all of what makes you be you such as: abilities, strengths, weakness, and character. Most of all, it is about giving time and effort to the others. As a DI, I have the responsibility to use my knowledge in the service of others. This empowers me to work and achieve not only for my personal growth but for the change that I can make in my time as a citizen of the world.

Written By: Eduany - Senior Development Instructor

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