Unity Gardens

Unity Gardens in South Bend, Indiana is one of One World Center’s partner organizations. They are passionate about the people in the communities around them and work hard to address food insecurity and healthy living with locally grown organic food. Their garden area is full if life and includes: four greenhouses; beehives; two goats; raised garden beds; a children’s play area; a composting area; and picnic/group meeting area. Many of Unity Gardens’ main crops are open to the community to pick vegetables, fruits, and roots for much of the harvest season, free of charge. They also have an area that is specifically for crops to sell at local farmers’ markets as a funding source. On top of all the activities going on at the main lot, Unity Gardens has 50+ small mini gardens in the surrounding communities.

Unity Gardens Community CenterMore than just produce, Unity Gardens provides the community with extensive knowledge through a series of garden classes and hosts a countless number of events for children. They have just finished construction of a new Community Learning Center and hope to expand the many activities that they provide. The Community Learning Center is a dream come true because of the committed dedication of the Director, Sara Stewart and her team.

Working with Unity Gardens is always a pleasure, even if the work is sometimes hard. A welcoming and inclusive atmosphere penetrates the place and the people. There is so much to do that volunteers will never get bored! We look forward to future collaborations to tackle the lack of nutritious, healthy food within the communities of our area.

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