The Give & Take of Volunteering

People across the world volunteer for many reasons. Some hold certain causes close to their hearts, while others hope to gain something insightful from it. Either way, these people all exhibit one common characteristic: their dedication to volunteering.


However, one motive is no different than another because, in the end, these people all give something and they all also take something. And that’s really what volunteering looks like - it’s a give and take.

Real-Life Dedication to Volunteering

For instance, our own volunteers have taken the time to share their stories, such as Diana Leavitt. She shares how impactful it was to run into a Syrian refuge while her family was traveling. This moment sparked a passion in her that led her to dedicate her time to volunteering with One World Center. She ends her story by saying, “I believe that within me I have the power to instill and create change. I believe one person can bring global awareness that touches the hearts of thousands, if not millions. I believe an impoverished nation has the ability to rise up and be strong. And that her goal is to “ To save the person, the community, the nation, and eventually the world.”


What it Takes & What You Get

Different causes require different passions when it comes to volunteering, but it all requires a certain kind of person who is empathetic, open-minded, confident, adaptable, and kind. 


Those who devote their lives and their time to volunteering exhibit these qualities and more. They truly care about what they’re doing and choose to put their pride aside and their lives on hold for the work they do. 


Some work hours on end, some move across the world, some quit their day jobs. 


Dedication to volunteering should never expect anything in return, but what these volunteers come away with is priceless all the same. 


They meet new people and learn about different ways of life. Volunteering and working with nonprofits often take people out of their comfort zones, to places they have never been, or to communities much different from their own. 


Meeting people with different life experiences opens up endless potential for empathy and understanding from the volunteer’s point of view. Not only do the people in need get help, but the volunteers learn about different ways of life.

They Become Happier

Those with the dedication to volunteering often feel fulfilled in what they’re doing. Their mental health improves and they feel happier with their life having done the work they do. It can also help people become more confident and outgoing, which improves almost every other aspect of their social lives and experiences. 

They Gain A Sense of Purpose

Volunteers know there is something greater than themselves out there. That’s one of the reasons they choose to volunteer and help communities in need. Aside from living our individual lives, there is a sense of purpose out there for human beings to help one another.


The give and take of volunteering requires dedication and sometimes seems unbalanced. You may have to give large parts of your life and time away to help those in need, but you will always gain something in return.


What We Do & How You Can Help!

There is so much that can be done, and on so many levels. In a world filled with opportunities and wealth, poverty still exists. One World Center is a research non-profit organization built to inspire/empower everyday people to take action to end poverty. This action doesn’t have to involve giving away all of your worldly possessions or traveling across the world. It can be done in small ways that are massively impactful. To learn more about how you can help, reach out to us today to get the resources you need.

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