The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm

In the midst of our urban, industrialized society, there are those who wish to break the cycle and return to our agricultural roots. Over the years, more and more people have decided to move to the countryside and build a homestead to live organically and coexist with the environment. 

Josh and Molly Chester are a couple who exemplify this organic life and invite us to care for the environment through the documentary The Biggest Little Farm. This documentary is an audiovisual delight that demonstrates the beauty of biodiversity and wildlife. In order to fulfill their dreams of bringing life back to acres of infertile land and coexist with the surrounding fauna and flora, they decided to start a farm.

The story of their farm begins in 2010, when Molly and Josh purchased 200 acres about an hour from Los Angeles in the Moorpark, California. Their labor of love, Apricot Lane Farm proves that it is possible to rebuild the home of hundreds of animals, trees, fruits and thousands of microorganisms. For seven years, the couple worked hard to transform the arid landscape of the area into a fully functional farm and biodiverse habitat.

In recent years, there has been a certain "rethinking" in the field of sustainable agriculture to reflect on the environmental impact caused by large-scale monocultures. In a globalized world where large-scale production is the main source of what we eat daily, it is essential to highlight all the initiatives that seek to place greater emphasis and care on how we produce food and live in relationship with nature. Josh and Molly are just one example of thousands of people who are seeking to preserve the environment and take care of its natural balance. Wildlife is an essential part of our ecosystem and it is essential that we care about the preservation of different species of animals that are threatened by the loss of their habitat.

Additionally, this documentary introduces us to the idea of permaculture and how beneficial it is for the soil that has become dry and infertile due to decades of monoculture. The Chester's farm initially seemed like a lifeless desert. However, it is  now home to fauna and flora and the inspiration for hundreds of farmers and ordinary people who want to give back to nature a little bit of what it has offered us.

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Why We Love It:

At One World Center, growing food organically is what we strive to do in our own garden farm and through our Sustainable Food Initiative. We think the challenges that Molly and Josh have overcome and all their accomplishments are a great inspiration. Especially an inspiration to all of us who are passionate about what we eat, how we grow food and living in a balanced relationship with nature.

We love the Biggest Little Farm because it showcases that change is possible with beautiful cinematography. However, it is also realistic by pointing out the obstacles and disappointments that come with taking your dreams and visions into the reality of living.

4.5 stars


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