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Feeding the Future: Preschool Garden Development

Malawi is a country located in the southwest of Africa. Compared to its neighboring countries of Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique, it is relatively [...]

Support Local Farmers and Fight Climate Change

The global climate is warming at an unprecedented rate. If the World continues business as usual, we will continue to see a rise in climate change. [...]

The Biggest Little Farm

In the midst of our urban, industrialized society, there are those who wish to break the cycle and return to our agricultural roots. Over the years, [...]

Food Deserts: A Land Without Nutrition

When you hear the word desert, what do you think of? Most likely you imagine an endless sea of sand and barely any vegetation. A barren landscape [...]

Papaya Trees Helping The Fight Against Hunger

My name is Luis Diaz from Colombia. In my search to create change in my life and the lives of others, I became an international volunteer at One [...]

New Life at One World Center: Growing Seedlings

In the age of consumerism, we have a habit of buying something when we have a need. It makes sense to just run out and get it immediately. That same [...]

Mark Covington & Georgia Street Community Collective

For many years now, One World Center has been working with Mark Covington and his non-profit organization, Georgia Street Community Collective (GSCC) [...]

Poverty: What Does That Really Mean?

Poverty is a construct. The poverty of today is not the same poverty of 100 years ago. Why? The reason is fairly simple: what is considered as [...]

Cows Save The Planet

“They say farmers need a safety net. I think the soil should be our safety net. If you add up the dollar figure for improved health, carbon [...]

A No-Maintenance Garden: Edible Forest Gardens

An Edible Forest Garden, or Food Forest, is a low maintenance sustainable area with a collection of edible plants, shrubs and trees designed to mimic [...]