Anyone Can Be A Development Instructor - Meet the January Team

As the new year arrives, people acknowledge the need to start a new project in their lives. Doing things differently was the idea that put this team together and made them enroll in our 9-month Volunteer Abroad program for 2019. These are the stories about the future Development Instructors who will volunteer in Malawi starting in April 2019.

Sophie Whitlock is a recent high school graduate and wants to achieve a career in the humanitarian field. She chose OWC because of the preparation period securing better results in the project. She wants to make use of her skills as an artistic person with many ideas.

Wanting to meet new people, help out in every way he can and to contribute to a noble cause was the idea behind Christopher Combs decision to enroll in this adventure.

Aaron Ogle wanted to find a job that had a bigger purpose than just getting a paycheck while combining his passion for traveling. He thought that this experience will give him a more open-minded idea of the world while contributing in reaching the top shelf because of his tallness.

Julie Bankston is an early retired adult who wanted another chance to keep living life in a new energizing way. She contributes with an open heart to give to others using her people skills as a result of working with social programs over the past years.

The January team is a diverse team that proves that anyone can be a Development Instructor. The January team currently has the youngest and oldest students in One World Center with a 40 year age gap between them. The team members are in all different walks of life and have come together for a common cause: to change the world. This confirms that as long as you have a dream of a better world, no matter who you are, you can get together and create the experiences at One World Center.

Written by: Eduany Ramirez - January 2019 Team Leader

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