The Trap of Poverty

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The Trap of Poverty

The United States is among the richest countries in the world but around 34 million people struggle with poverty, according to the US Census Bureau. [...]

"Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System"

“Unless you are a corporate food executive, the food system isn't working for you. If you are one of the world's rural poor dependent on agriculture [...]

Authentic Connectivity Outweighs Language Barriers

As a volunteer, everyone will tell you how essential it is to learn the language of the people you intend to support. While that may be true, I [...]

Brazil: A Rich Country of Poor People

It might be a cliché, but everyone knows Brazil for its natural beauty, festivals, smiling people, samba in the feet and a loving way to receive [...]

A Different Path Toward Development

In the middle of the accelerated western lifestyle focused on having things, there will always be those who take the risk to walk on a different [...]


What is happiness? What makes us happy? Is it money? Is it honor? Or, maybe is it authority? We think that having money, honor, and authority is [...]

A Question from a Child

“You look like a girl, but you are doing man’s work. You are digging in the ground and painting the walls, so you must be a boy…. but a pretty boy.” [...]

Taking the Leap: Shanyce's Story


Simple Things Can Make A Huge Impact

“Cidadela Das Crianças” is a school and orphanage based near Maputo. It houses 40 children and an additional 400 students attend school here daily. [...]

The Experience of Fundraising

Fundraising is a challenge that I signed myself up for and I now feel unstoppable. I have stood out in zero degree weather. I have been criticized [...]

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