Stewards of the Soil

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Stewards of the Soil

By Joannée DeBruhl [...]

The Value of Understanding a Different Culture

The world is a wide and diverse melting pot of cultures dating back to pre-recorded history. With the development of the internet, different cultures [...]

Skateboard Club in St. Vincent

By Joseph Greene (FWTP Oct 2021 Team) [...]

Restoring Home Gardens in Saint Vincent

By Ana Maria Zamudio Ballesteros  [...]

My Journey to One World Center by Elizabeth Mesen Madrigal

(Elizabeth Mesen Madrigal pictured in the bottom left corner) [...]

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) consist of 32 islands and cays, of which eight are inhabited, and one is a nature resort. St. Vincent is the [...]

The Give & Take of Volunteering

People across the world volunteer for many reasons. Some hold certain causes close to their hearts, while others hope to gain something insightful [...]

Easy Ways to Help Reduce Water Pollution

Water is, in the simplest terms, our source of life. It gives all living things the ability to live - from plants to animals to humans. As the years [...]

Living On One Dollar

Could you live on only one dollar a day? Maybe, for a while? Now, could you raise a family on it? Surprisingly, over 1.1 billion people (15–20% of [...]

Unity Gardens

Unity Gardens in South Bend, Indiana is one of One World Center’s partner organizations. They are passionate about the people in the communities [...]