Taking the Leap: Shanyce's Story


When make that decision to defy the odds and embark on a journey only few are designed for it can be hard. IT WILL BE HARD. There is a battle between the status quo and what your heart truly wants.

I'm sure many deal with this struggle and have to weigh their options, but there’s nothing like taking that step and jumping into an environment that will empower you. In just a few weeks at One World Center, I’ve been amazed by the openness and compassion that you rarely see in every day life. I want to share my story of finally taking the leap after several years being crippled by fear and societal expectations.


Heart racing. Feet pacing, looking for dreams worth chasing.
Elders pressuring. Society is deafening, shouting expectations that are unsettling.
Where can you go? What can you see? Is this all that’s left of me?
Trapped within city interiors… futures seem eerier, but you refuse to feel inferior.
Regardless of mindless chatter, you need a new chapter.
A journey to be free.
Embracing the lessons of humanity.
Being consumed by the present… a place where you can just be.
But first you have to choose… stay in those shoes or leap into something new.
Comfortability versus mobility.
Hostility versus tranquility.
Disability versus adaptability.
Placed in hands are your choices…
Ignore all other voices…
Trudge your feet through muddy obstacles and find a community where your spirit rejoices.


Written by: Shanyce Auguste - June Team 2019

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