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Promoting Development at Teacher Training Colleges in Mozambique

The Teacher Training College Chimoio is located in Nhamatsane in Chimoio city, Manica Province. ADPP’s Teacher Training colleges started to train [...]

The Power of Team Work

My first six months started when I arrived for my team's first breakfast. I started to meet my team individually and noticed differences in [...]

Anyone Can Be A Development Instructor - Meet the January Team

As the new year arrives, people acknowledge the need to start a new project in their lives. Doing things differently was the idea that put this team [...]

No Gesture is Too Big or Small

One of the important activities that we have to implement in our first period of the Development Instructor program is to investigate a social issue [...]

Danae's Story

Despite all the bright and shiny choices that a fresh high school graduate has to choose from in the pursuit of the future, most forget that there [...]

The Impact of a Development Instructor

One of the questions that most intrigued me when I started the program was "what can I do to really help the people in my project?" Many ideas came [...]

Why I became a Development Instructor

I was living a normal life. A recent graduate with a job that gave stability and that made me fit into the roles in society. Unfortunately, this was [...]

Creating Development Through Youth Clubs

Elkin from the May 2016 team has been working at the Food For Knowledge Project in Mozambique for the last 4 months. He has been working with a [...]

Engaging Youth Through Playgrounds in Mozambique

Written by: Juliana Cabrera Riaño - Development Instructor [...]

Exploring the Field Work of DAPP in Zambia

One World Center proudly partners with Humana People to People partner organizations. In Zambia, our program participants volunteer with Development [...]

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